Welcome to 3dWonderStuff.com 

This site is dedicated to the exploration and celebration of Stereography, the techniques used to create an illusion of depth from two dimensional images. Over time, this site will provide information and examples for a wide range of topics related to this subject: Stereograms, Stereoscopy, Stereoscope, Stereo Imaging, Stereo Photography, Stereo Pairs, Stereographic Animation, 3D Images, Optical Illusions, 3D Photography, Anaglyph, Phantogram, Autostereogram, Random Dot Stereograms, Stereoscopic Anamorphosises, Fractal Stererograms and more. 

This site is unique in that it is also home for the subjects of Single Viewpoint Stereography and Non-Planar Stereography, two new techniques for creating and utilizing stereograms and stereographic art. 

In addition, there will be products you can purchase as well as free stuff like stereographic textures and stereograms you can download. 

So please, check back often. New stereograms and animations as well as other items are added all the time!

NEW! Fractal Stereograms! The beauty of fractals, the magic of stereograms: Superstereofractalistic! Check them out in the image gallery.